Other Work
Descendant (2013)

Descendant (2022)

Director: Margaret Brown

Producer: Essie Chambers

Documentary; NR, 109 min

Descendant tells the story of the Clotilda  —  the last known ship to smuggle stolen Africans to America —  the unthinkable cover-up, and the impact of that crime on generations of descendants living in Africatown. Once the past is revealed, can the future be reclaimed?

Visit descendantfilm.com to join descendants and community leaders in preserving Africatown’s story and fighting for its future!

The New Public (2013)

Director: Jyllian Gunther
Producer: Essie Chambers
Documentary; NR, 87m

An ambitious group of educators create a small, public high school in an under served neighborhood of Brooklyn. When their idealistic vision is confronted with some harsh realities faced by the community, they struggle to adapt.